How to Use Well Files

At the top of every Well Main Menu, you may have noticed the Well Files icon:

Well Files are part of the WellEz Integrated File Management (IFM) System, which allows you to add electronic files (as attachments) on a company-wide or well-specific level.

The IFM system was implemented by WellEz to help support its clients who may not have internal company drives or other IT infrastructure dedicated to housing 3rd party provided electronic data from contractors, etc. The system accepts most file types (Time Sheets, Casing Tallies, LAS Files, etc.), and reduces the need to search for the files, by allowing users to have access to the convenience of a permanent record of electronic well data with 1 click.

Folder Levels

  1. WellEz Level: (WellEZ in the image below) This is where WellEz will post User’s Guides/Standard Documents for all users
  2. Company Level: (WellEz Demonstration Company in the image below) Where Company Admin’s can post documents for any company user to see – regardless of well assignment
  3. Well Level: (Well: Barrett 1H in the image below) Where files can be assigned to an individual well. Only users with the correct permission level (that have been assigned to the well) will be able to view or add files.

Viewing WellEz Level Files

1. Click “Admin Tools”, then “Manage Files

2. Click the “WellEz” folder at the top of the page to view all standard documents and User Guides. To download the file, click on the file name.


Viewing/Adding Company Level Files and Folders

  1. Click “Admin Tools”, then “Manage Files”

2. Find the Folder titled with your company name

3. Right Click the Company Named Folder

4. Select Add Folder, This Will Add a New Folder at the bottom of your Well Files

5. To add a file inside a folder or subfolder, click the folder’s name, then click the “Add File” button. Once the prompts open up, press the “Choose File” button.”

6. Select a file from your computer after hitting the “Choose File” button

7. Enter a tag and description, then click “Save” to upload the file.

Adding and Opening Well Level Files

  1. Enter the well, once on the main menu, click the button for “Well Files”

2. To upload a file, click the “Add File” Button on this screen. To download a file from the Well Files system, simply click the file name (i.e. Survey Import Example.xls in this example) to download the file.

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