How to Install the WellEz Remote

If you are experiencing issues with WellEz appearing slow or taking a long time to load, chances are your connectivity on location may not be ideal. To help users with limited connectivity, WellEz has an offline version that allows users to perform the following basic WellEz tasks without having a consistent Internet connection:

  • Browsing Wells, Jobs, and Daily Reports
  • Creating or Editing Daily Reports
  • Running m2e Reports

After initial installation, users can continue to access the data for their wells in offline mode, occasionally connecting to WellEz Servers to synchronize their data.

NOTE: The remote is not intended to be used for performing advanced administrative functions.

System Prerequisites

Before installing the Remote on your machine, please review the system requirements:

  • Operating System*:
    • Windows 7 or higher
  • Internet Browser** :
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Chrome
  • Supporting Programs:
    • Excel 2007 or higher
    • Adobe Reader 9.5 or higher
  • Internet Connection
  • Hardware Needs
    • 2GB free Hard Drive Space (4GB Recommended)
  • Initial Installation Needs:
    • Adequate Internet Connection (For download and initial installation of prerequisites)
    • Administrative Rights on the local machine

*Windows Vista, XP, Me, Mac/Linux Operating Systems are not supported

**Other browsers can be used but will experience losses in webpage functionality

Downloading the Remote

  1. Log-In To with a valid WellEz login, once logged in on the left-hand side of the page there is a link titled “Admin Tools”, click here to view the Admin Tools available

2. Locate the Installer Button just above the change password button:

Installing The Remote

  1. After the file downloads, open the file and you will be greeted by the following screen, press next to continue and install the Prerequisites for the remote system.

2. On the next screen, there is a list of all prerequisites required to download & install to run the WellEz Remote application. Press next to start the download process of the prerequisites.

3. At this point the installer will begin to download the required files to install the prerequisites, the speed of this will depend upon your internet connection and will vary. After the first item finishes downloading, the program will automatically begin to install that prerequisite. You will see windows and command prompts open during this time, this is normal, do not close any of these windows or the application will not install correctly. Depending on the computer, these installs may take several minutes to multiple hours. After the first prerequisite finishes installing, the second will automatically begin downloading, and so on until all prerequisites are installed.

4. After the prerequisites finish downloading and installing, the installer will automatically take you to the following screen. Click Next to continue the install

5. In this screen you may select a different location for WellEz Remote to install. It is recommended that you leave this option alone unless absolutely necessary.

6. In the following screen we have a link which takes you to our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. When finished reviewing these documents, select the option “I Accept the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy” and click Next to take you to the next step.

7. You are now ready to install the WellEz Remote application! In this screen click Install and it will begin the process of installing the remote application for you.

At this point the installer should install the Remote application, please do not close any windows the installer creates during this process, they will close on their own.

8. Congratulations, you are on the last step to successfully install the WellEz Remote application. Your computer will prompt you to Reboot. After rebooting, you are free to use the WellEz Offline application!

Downloading your Wells

Once the WellEz Remote is installed, you will need open it and sync the current wells you are working on, you can do this by

  1. Double Click the “WellEz Remote” Icon on your desktop screen

2. Enter your login information

3. Select the wells you want to download to WellEz Remote by selecting the checkbox on the right side of the screen

  • The following screen should appear to let you know that your wells will be syncing on your next sync, Click Ok.

4. Once you have checked all the wells you wish to download on to your remote, select the Sync Well(s) button

5. Wait for your synchronization to complete- when you see this screen the wells are being downloaded to your WellEz Remote application

6. Once your synchronization is complete, you should return to the Well List, with all of your synchronized wells. You are now ready to begin entering your data report offline.

NOTE: Please make sure that you utilize the Sync Wells button before your reports are scheduled for distribution each morning.

 If you encounter any issues during installation, or synchronization, please contact WellEz support at or (281)584-9200 (Option 1)

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