How Do I Build the Wellbore Diagram?

The Wellbore Diagram pulls information from several input forms listed below. Attached you will find a full list of images by input form in WellEz. A general rule of thumb for any image requires 4 things:

  1. Component/Type – What image to draw
  2. OD – How wide to draw image
  3. Length – How tall to draw image
  4. MD – Where to draw image


The following forms contribute to the Wellbore Diagram:

  1. Casing
    1. Draw Casing and Label Collars
    2. Note: Enter “0” for Top of Cement to draw cement to surface
  2. Drill Bit
    1. Draw Open Hole
    2. Note: Cement will not draw around casing with no Open Hole
  3. BHA
    1. BHA Components
    2. Drill Pipe
  4. Plug & Perf
    1. Perforations
  5. Components
    1. All downhole components for completions and workovers


If you have any further questions, please contact your WellEz Account Manager or WellEz support at 281-584-9200 ( 

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