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WellEz offers an automated email distribution feature so that your reports are sent out on time and automatically. There are two different types of email distributions within WellEz. A company wide email distribution and a well level distribution. Well level distributions should be used in the case that the recipient will only be receiving reports for the subject well. The Company wide email distribution is better suited for recipients within your company that will be receiving reports on all or multiple wells within your account.

Prior to setting up your distribution list you can populate the Address Book or even set up a Group List within WellEz, please refer to our admin user’s guide for more information on this.

To set up a distribution list navigate to Admin Tools – Email Set up. Click the Add button on the right side of the screen and enter e-mail recipients and options.

Be sure to enter the correct e-mail address or group, designate which reports you wish to send and the time that you want to send the reports out.

Note: Reports can be sent as a pdf attachment, excel attachment or link by double clicking on “mode” after you have clicked in the reports column.

Once you are finished you should double check that the columns are filled out and the active box is checked. Click Email Save at the top of the page before exiting.

For Well Level email distributions you will navigate to your well first, then click the well e-mail icon and follow the steps mentioned above.



For more details on this process please visit our WellEz Admin Users Guide


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